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Trixie Belden Texts
Books and papers about Trixie and other "schoolgirl shamuses."  This does not include recent articles about the Random House republishing of the series starting in 2002; a link below lists some articles of that nature.

German Trixie Belden Books
Information and images of the German-released Trixie Belden books.

Trixie and Honey's Scrapbook
Scans of all of the illustrations in the various Trixie Belden editions of the 1940s - 1960s.

Information and pictures about Ossining, the city in New York where Julie Campbell lived and upon which she based Sleepyside-on-Hudson.

Julie Campbell Tatham
A brief biography and bibliography of the Trixie Belden series creator.

Trixie Belden sites here at Schoolgirl Shamus, Inc.

Schoolgirl Shamus FanFic

Dana's fanfic offerings include the sappy Sapphire Days universe (continued in Gethsemane and Onyx Twilight), the First Impressions universe that tells the old stories from a new point of view, and the Un-Universe, where you don't know what you'll find!

Treasury of Coins

Enter Susan's wonderfully romantic realm where you'll find a plethora perfectly perfect offerings:  plenty of redheaded men, spirited women, mysteries galore, a Victorian version of the Bob-Whites, an alternate existence explored, a new take on Kathryn Kenny, and—as if all that wasn't enough—a twist on the tainted timeline.  Treasury of Coins is a treasury of fantastic stories!

As You Wish

Enter Mary's fairy-tale-themed Trixie Belden fan site and be transported into a world where love, romance, and hot sex abound! Mary's talents run the gamut from comedy to serious and everything in between. And do not miss her trademark Tales of Tail!

The Labyrinth

Enter the heart of The Labyrinth, Kate's slightly darker realm, which includes her fabulous tales of the Bob-Whites in high school and Ever After—with the added twist of "the anti-Honey."  Also, take a side trip on one of the labyrinthine trails and visit the Pentash Valley (Kate's non-Trixie fiction)—you'll like what you find!

Jessica's lovely hospitality will make you feel right at home at the Glen Road Inn.  Jess promises us there will be stories, and they're sure to be as sweet and lovely as she is.  In the meantime, enjoy the Trixie Belden cover art that Jess has provided for you to peruse during your stay at the inn.

TB Resources Elsewhere on the Web


A website that makes you feel as though you had wandered into Sleepyside itself.  Relax in Mr. Wheeler's Library and read fanfic written by other Trixie fans—no two universes are alike—and then stop by the message board and say hi!

Zap's Trixie Belden Homepage   Nostalgia! --> The Trixie Belden Homepage

Affectionately called "Zap's," this is the original Trixie Belden Fan Site—complete with lots of information about the teenage sleuth, lots of fanfic, and message boards to communicate with other Trixie fans.

This well-researched site has everything you've ever wanted to know about your favorite schoolgirl shamus—it's even interactive!  There are several articles about Trixie available—including an "In the News" section, which chronicles the recent interest in Trixie because of the republishing of the series.

Trixie Belden Tid Bits

A very comprehensive site that includes lots of facts from the series and the covers of every Trixie book in every edition from the Dustjackets to the Squares.

This is by no means a comprehensive list. There are tons of Trixie Belden Fan Sites out there!  What I have listed are sites that provide unique information and/or activities about Trixie Belden.  For Trixie Belden Fan Fiction sites, use the link above in the Jixemitri description or in Zap's description.  If you know of a great Trixie Belden site you think should be included, feel free to email me.


Trixie Belden in Written Analysis

Trixie Belden: Schoolgirl Shamus

"Trixie Belden: Schoolgirl Shamus"
James Keeline's Paper:  Keeline is the author of numerous articles and presentations on the history of children's literature.  Please be warned, however, that there are many inaccuracies in the paper.

Schoolgirl Shamuses, Inc. by Melanie Knight

Schoolgirl Shamuses, Incorporated
by Melanie Knight, 598 pages, published in 1998 by Synsine Press.  This out-of-print book reportedly has a wealth of information about teenage sleuths, including Trixie Belden, Ginny Gordon, Robin Kane, and Meg Duncan.

Girls' Series Companion 1997 Edition     Girls' Series Companion 2006 Edition

The Girls' Series Companion, 1997 Edition and 2006 Edition
by The Society of Phantom Friends, 634 pages (1997)/684 pages (2006), published by Synsine Press.  These out-of-print books have descriptions and listings for nearly every Girls' American Juvenile Series in hardcover and paperback from 1880 to the time they were published.

Mystery Scene

"Trixie Belden the Girl-Next-Door Sleuth"
Judith Sears' article in the Winter 2004 (Issue #83) Mystery Scene magazine.

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