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Schneider Buch released 22 Trixie volumes (plus anthologies, audio cassettes, and an activity book) in Germany from the early 1970s to the mid-1990s.  They also published a new volume, which includes the first three books, in 2003 in conjunction with Random House's re-release of the books in the United States.

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German 1
1) Das Geheimnis des Landhauses
The mystery of the country house
#1 The Secret of the Mansion
Originally Published: 1971
German 2
2) Auf der richtigen Spur
On the right track
#2 The Red Trailer Mystery
Originally Published: 1972
German 3
3) Löst das Rätsel
Trixie solves the puzzle
#3 The Gatehouse Mystery
Originally Published: 1972
German 4
4) Entlarvt den falschen Onkel
Trixie exposes the false uncle
#4 The Mysterious Visitor
Originally Published: 1973
German 5
5) Das Geheimnis im Wald
The mystery in the forest
#5 The Mystery off Glen Road
Originally Published: 1973
German 6
6) Das Geheimnis in Arizona
The mystery in Arizona
#6 The Mystery in Arizona
Originally Published: 1973
German 7
7) Rettet den Geheimclub
Trixie saves the secret club
#7 The Mysterious Code
Originally Published: 1975
German 8
8) Hat sich geirrt
Trixie made a mistake
#8 The Black Jacket Mystery
Originally Published: 1975
German 9
9) Vergolt die Schafdieße
Trixie prosecutes the sheep thieves
#9 The Happy Valley Mystery
Originally Published: 1976
German 10
10) Sucht den weißen Geisterfisch
Trixie searches for white ghostfish
#11 Mystery at Bob-White Cave
Originally Published: 1976
German 11
11) Entdeckt das Haus im Moor
Trixie finds the house in the swamp
#10 The Marshland Mystery
Originally Published: 1977
German 12
12) Der gefärliche Glücksbringer
The dangerous luckbringer
#12 The Mystery of the Blinking Eye
Originally Published: 1978
German 13
13) Das Geheimnis der Smaragdkett
The mystery of the emerald chain
#14 The Mystery of the Emeralds
Originally Published: 1979
German 14
14) Die verschwundene Erbin
The disappearing heiress
#16 Mystery of the Missing Heiress
Originally Published: 1980
German 15
15) Der ungebetene Gast
The uninvited guest
#17 Mystery of the Uninvited Guest
Originally Published: 1981
German 16
16) Der Fund im See
The discovery in the lake/sea
#19 Secret of the Unseen Treasure
Originally Published: 1982
German 17
17) Der Fall Heuschrecke
The mysterious locust
#18 The Phantom Grasshopper
Published: 1983
German 18
18) Rätsel um ein grünes Auto
Puzzle around a green auto
#34 Mystery of the Missing Millionaire
Originally Published: 1984
German 19
19) Das Geheimnis volle Samtkleid
The mysterious velvet dress
#29 The Mystery of the Velvet Gown
Originally Published: 1986
German 20
20) Das Geheimnis des alten Buches
The mystery in the old book
#13 The Mystery on Cobbett's Island
Originally Published: 1987
German 21
21) Das Geheimnis der flüsternden Stimmen
The mystery of the whispering voices
#32 The Mystery of the Whispering Witch
Originally Published: 1987
German 22
22) Umweltsündern auf der Spur
Polluters on the track
#30 The Mystery at Maypenny's
Originally Published: 1987
Trixie Belden Club Book
Club-Buch für Detektive
Club Book for Detectives
A Trixie Belden Activity Book
Originally Published: 1985
Trixie Belden - Die spannendsten Fälle
Die spannendsten Fälle
The Most Exciting Cases
Includes German volumes 1-3
Originally Published: 1/2003


Two sets of Trixie "Anthologies" (called Sammelbands in German) were also published.
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German Sammelbands: First ReleaseFirst Release
Sammelbands 1 - 3
Incorporates books 1 - 7
Published: 1977 - 1980


Sammelband 1
Sammelband 1
Includes German volumes 1 & 2
Originally Published: 1977
Inside illustration
Without dustjacket
Sammelband 2
Sammelband 2
Includes German volumes 3 & 4
Originally Published: 1978
Without dustjacket
Sammelband 3
Sammelband 3
Includes German volumes 5 -7
Originally Published: 1980

German Sammelbands: Second ReleaseSecond Release
Sammelbands 1 - 6
Incorporates German volumes 1 - 18
Published: 1986 - 1991


Sammelband 1
Sammelband 1
Includes German volumes 1 - 3
Originally Published: 1986
Inside illustration
Without dustjacket
Sammelband 2
Sammelband 2
Includes German volumes 4 - 6
Originally Published: 1988
Sammelband 3
Sammelband 3
Includes German volumes 7 - 9
Originally Published: 1989
Close-up of back cover

Sammelband 4
Includes German volumes 10 - 12
Originally Published: 1990
Sammelband 5
Sammelband 5
Includes German volumes 13 - 15
Originally Published: 1991
Close-up of back cover
Sammelband 6
Sammelband 6
Includes German volumes 16 - 18
Originally Published: 1991



German edition with back cover number German volumes 1 - 15 were issued in this format, with the numeral on the back cover.
German edition without back cover number German volumes 1 - 15 were also issued in this format, with the numeral removed from the back cover.
German edition with back cover border German volumes 1 - 17 were issued in this format, with a white border around the back cover.
1982 German edition with border on front cover German volumes 1 - 3 were issued with this cover in 1982.
Paperback edition A paperback edition of volume 1.  Click on the thumbnail to see larger picture.
Madchen edition The "madchen" edition that volumes 18 - 22 were released in.  Volume 6 was also released in this format.
1995 Cutter Edition of #1 1995 Cutter Edition of #2 The "cutter paperback edition" which volumes 1 and 2 were released in in1995.  Click on the thumbnails to see larger pictures of each book.


Audio Versions

German audio tapes

The first ten German Trixie books were released by Europa in audio cassette as the books were being released in the early to mid-1970s.

Additionally, these were all released on vinyl as well, also by Europa.  The covers are very similar to the cassettes.  You can find information about the LPs by visiting the Europa-vinyl site.

Schneider Ton (an affiliated company of Schneider Buch) also released audio cassettes of the first ten books.



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