Trixie and Honey's Scrapbook

Trixie and Honey embarked on many exciting adventures that are chronicled in the many illustrations throughout the various editions of the series. I have compiled this scrapbook from those illustrations. Click on a button below to be taken to illustrations from the early editions or the Deluxe editions.

Please feel free to save the illustrations to your hard drive to create your own Trixie graphics. A lot of people have emailed me asking if they can use them—of course! I don't own them, and that's what they're here for! (Why should we all waste time scanning when I am crazy enough to do them all!) I just ask that you don't use the background or other graphics without permission.


Dustjackets, Cameos, and Cellos (Oh My!)

The Deluxe Gallery


Would you like to see the covers and endpapers for all of the editions?  They may be found at several places:

Trixie Belden TidBits
Trixie Belden Cover Art

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Images of the Bob-Whites are from the inside cover illustration of the Cellophane edition and are copyright © Random House Books.  Trixie Belden® is a registered trademark of Random House Books. These pages are not affiliated with Random House Books in any way.  These pages are not for profit.  Scrapbook pages (with the exception of illustrations) copyright © GSDana.