Trixie Belden: The Movie

"Trixie, you should write your autobiography right away.  I think they'd even make a movie of all your adventures!" —Barbara Hubbell, The Mystery of the Blinking Eye

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One thing Trixie Belden fans love to do is debate whom they would cast if Trixie's adventures were ever brought to the Silver Screen.

Which brings about a dilemma—if this movie is never going to actually get made, then why not let imagination run free?  Do you cast anyone, past or present, living or dead, to play the BWGs?  Or do you try to stick to contemporary actors, just in case?

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Well, apparently having way too much free time on my hands, I have come up with my versions of both casts—the timeless one, where age does not matter, and the contemporary one, in case they go into production tomorrow.  The timeless version has my #1 picks overall, whereas the contemporary cast includes actors and actresses who could actually play the parts if they started filming the movie, say, next week (because it could happen, ya know! *g*). 

[Addendum: This cast was last updated some time around 2003 to 2005, so "next week" is long gone, and these are insanely outdated!]

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Click on the links below and see if you agree with my choices.  Feel free to let me know what you think and who your choices would be! My email is below!

Timeless Cast     Contemporary Cast

Note: The "Contemporary Cast" has not been updated in so long that is no longer contemporary, lol!

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