Hollywod BWGs: Contemporary Cast

Note: This cast has not been updated in so long that is no longer contemporary, lol!

Trixie Honey Jim
Michelle Williams as Trixie Joie Lenz as Honey
Michelle Williams
Ex-Jen, Dawson's Creek
Joie Lenz
Ex-Michelle, Guiding Light
Jan Ullrich
Champion Cyclist
Subject to change, especially now that he's been busted for doping.  Would Jim do that?  I think not!


Brian Mart Diana Dan
Matthew Bomer as Brian James Van der Beek as Mart Natalie Portman as Di Paul Anthony Stewart as Dan
Matthew Bomer
Ex-Ben, Guiding Light
James Van Der Beek
Ex-Dawson, Dawson's Creek
Natalie Portman
(with violet contacts)
Paul Anthony Stewart
Ex-Danny, Guiding Light


Trixie & Mart at the
Wheeler's Lake
Have Honey and Dan
become an item?

Trix & Mart at the Wheeler's Lake

Dan and Honey cuddle!

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