This universe picks up where Sapphire Days leaves offthe Bob-White girls are now high school graduates and face the joys and pressures and heartaches of being on their own for the first time.

Unlike Sapphire Days, these stories may or may not be Jixemitri Circle Writing Projects.  This is a different universe for me because, so far, all of the Mart-Di story arc stories were inspired by songs.  Until this universe, none of my stories were inspired by songs, but Di and Mart seem to speak to me through music, and at this point, most of the stories focus on their relationship.  The first five stories were a result of my 2005 NaNoWriMo efforts.  Currently, there are four additional planned stories.


Closing Time
The Bob-White girls are off to their respective colleges.

Jixemitri Circle Writing Project #2.2 Submission; debuted:  March 6, 2006 in celebration of Jix's Sixth Jixanny
Word count:  18,238

Closer to Free
Diana enjoys the freedom of college. 

Jixemitri Circle Writing Project Special Fifth Anniversary Edition Submission; debuted:  August 28, 2006 for my Fifth Jixaversary
Word count:  8,369

What's Up?
College liberates Diana, allowing her to question some things she's always taken for granted.

Debuted:  November 9, 2006
Word Count:  6,252

Mr. Brightside
Mart stands by and helplessly watches Di change before his eyes.

Debuted:  November 19, 2006
Word Count:  10,020

Right to Be Wrong
Diana is determined to live her own lifeeven if she makes mistakes.

Debuted:  December 8, 2006
Word Count:  6,790

Moments Like These
Peek in on some special moments of the members of the Bob-Whites of the Glen.

Jixemitri Circle Writing Project #2.4 Submission; debuted:  August 28, 2007 for my Sixth Jixaversary
Word count:  6,963

Basic Chemistry
On some level, both Brian and Honey thought that they would end up together since they first met.  How do they deal with these feelings now that they're both with somebody else?

Part One:  Mental Chemistry
Jixemitri Circle Writing Project Special Sixth Anniversary Edition Submission; debuted:  March 10, 2008 in celebration of Jix's Eighth Jixanny
Word count:  6,027

Part Two: In Terms of Chemistry
Jixemitri Circle Writing Project Special Seventh Anniversary Edition Submission; debuted:  August 19, 2008
Word count:  6,630

Part Three: Creating Chemistry
Jixemitri Circle Writing Project Special Eighth Anniversary Edition Submission; debuted:  August 20, 2008
Word count:  7,619

Part Four: Brain Chemistry
Jixemitri Circle Writing Project #2.8 Submission; debuted:  August 22, 2008
Word count:  5,272

Part Five: The Chemistry of Dissatisfaction
Debuted:  August 26, 2008
Word count:  7,470

Part Six: Cold Chemistry
Debuted:  August 27, 2008
Word count:  3,653

Part Seven: The Chemistry of Happiness
Debuted:  August 28, 2008 for my Seventh Jixaversary
Word count:  4,169

It's been six years since Dan came to Sleepyside.  Has enough time passed for him to be able to forgive himself for past mistakes?

Hate Me
Still feeling restless, Diana takes a drastic step to find peace.

Debuted:  August 28, 2010 for my Ninth Jixaversary
Word count:  8,226

With You
The companion piece to "Hate Me"; Mart deals with Diana's announcement.

Jixemitri Circle Writing Project #2.10 Submission; debuted:  August 28, 2011 for my Tenth Jixaversary
Word count:  10,649

A Praise Chorus
Diana finds herself overseas and away from all that defines her for the first time in her life.

Title TBA
Di opens herself up to new experiences while she's abroad.

Zip Loc
Di begins to dream of second chances.

Runaway Train
Di is back from her year abroad.  She's learned many things about herself, but can she stop herself from feeling like a runaway train?

Bring Me to Life
Mart helps Di find something that she didn't even know she was missing.

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