Day 13: Best. Day. Ever. 

Day 13: Best. Day. Ever. 

I’ve had some pretty incredible days in Vietnam, but this was my favorite. 

And Chicago’s 22-year run as my favorite city in the world ended today. It’s now Saigon. Hanoi is number three but very close to Chicago. And considering that in the last 22 years I’ve visited over 100 major cities in many countries on three continents before coming to Vietnam, it took a lot to topple Chicago. 

Coming in way later than usual and have a 7 am tour tomorrow (or rather later today) to get ready for so more details later. But I love this city and this experience so much I had to post. 

Good night!

11 thoughts on “Day 13: Best. Day. Ever. 

  1. Definitely can’t wait to hear more! (BTW, I can honestly say I’ve never thought about ranking the cities I love most. *g*).

    1. Lol! Chicago has been my favorite for forever, and I never really ranked any after that. But once I got here, I have three favorite cities now, and me being me, I had to rank them!

  2. Wow. That makes me really want to visit Saigon. Can’t wait to hear about how wonderful it is and why it’s better than Chicago. 🙂

    Favorite cities–I wouldn’t even know how to rank such a thing. There are things I really like about most cities, and I could name some favorites (alphabetically, there’s Algiers, Berlin, Brooklyn, and Oakland for starters), but all for different reasons, and there’s no way I could put them in any kind of “favorite” order.

    1. Yes! You must visit Saigon. I think it’s the kind of city you would like.

      See my response to Bonnie above. Other than knowing Chicago was my favorite, I’d never be able to rank them after that either, loving several cities for various reasons, like comparing apples to oranges. But Hanoi and Saigon have stolen my heart, and I know I love them more than all other cities I’ve been to. Yesterday felt like a homecoming to me; I don’t know if I can describe it better than that.

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