Tabula Rasa


Writers like to ask "what if" a lot. And fanfic writers love to ask "what if" this little thing in canon had been changed? "What if" I made this big change to canon? What would happen to the characters? This is my alternate universe that explores the "what if" of changing all of the Bob-Whites' childhood circumstances except those of the Beldens. In this universe, Jim and Dan are not orphans, Honey's family never moved to Sleepyside, and Di's father moved the family to New York City after making his millions. But not to worry, Crabapple Farm is just as cozy as ever.

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Blue Star Tabula Rasa
Welcome to the first story in an alternate universe that imagines what might have happened if everyone's but the Beldens' circumstances were changed.

Debuted: August 28, 2012 for my Eleventh Jixaversary
Word count: 11,788 (334 of the words are Julie Campbell's)

Blue Star Cornu Copiae
It's Thanksgiving, and the Beldens once again prove just how stretchy Crabapple Farm's walls are.

Debuted: November 24, 2014
Word count: 10,123 (450 of the words are Julie Campbell's or Kathryn Kenny's)

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