by Dana Carlisle


Love Song

You stole my heart without a trace
On that very first night we met
And once I got to know you
You stole my soul as well
There's something special about you
That makes me want to care
And maybe even love you
Or give you my trust as well
When you smile at me
I feel everything's right with the world
I can't climb off my cloud
Even though I'm afraid of the height
But somehow I know you're there
To catch me if I fall
And I think I'm falling hard
Please sing to me a love song
T let me know you care
Let me know you're there for me
For I'm always there for you
I always find myself staring
When I'm in your presence
You're beautiful to me
On the inside as well as out
You're there with me always
Never far from my mind
And when I feel like giving up
Thoughts of you lift my spirits
And I carry on
With the warmth you give me

- August, 1990


The Beacon

Shafts of light
   Into the night
Piercing the dark
             And bringing new meaning
     Into the Raven
Love, like a candle,
      can bring warmth
            and Hope.
A knight in shining armor
        to rescue the
     Damsel in distress.
A hint, a feeling, and emotion
     with the powerful ability
          to envelope one in
Flowers in the spring
        Hazy summer heat
        Colorful autumn brisk
        Hot chocolate in the winter
Something intangible
         But something inescapable
    And something totally wonderful.

-September, 1990


Love Lost

The black cat stalks
     Piercing yellow eyes flashing menacingly
He knows not how happiness feels
     Or what it is
     Only how to capture it
     And kill it.
That is his only desire.
It matters not whom he takes it from
He cares not whom he hurts
For to him the most precious sound
     Is the shattering sound
     of Lost Love.

-September, 1990


Crystal Love

Sparkling crystal flowers shine light
So beautiful to look at
Filling you with longing to belong to their world
But the lovely crystal flowers
Can have thorns too
Sometimes poisonous and venomous
They scare the believer of love.
But again, the sight of the crystal shining
Sets the longing deep within
The light pervades your world
Filling you with precious hope
And once inside the light
A symphony begins, an odd, tickling sensation
Making you cry out and laugh
All of your senses are touched
But somehow, quite accidentally,
The crystal gets bumped and shattered
The light dies
The symphony ceases
The love fades.
But it was an accident
And with both partners' care
The fragments of the crystal can shine together again
And with the glue of forgiveness and love
The crystal can be stronger than ever before

- September, 1990


Tragedy of the Heart

Beating, bleeding heart chained by emotions
Never allowed to escape or be free
Searing emotions burning inside
A bonded heart that must stay still
Though it yearns to break free
Take back your chains
And let my love wander
Or, keep me chained, but with gentler bonds
That allow me more than pain
Allow my heart some freedom
Allow my heart some joy
Allow my heart to love.
My pained heart is dying
Placed under the heavy stockades
You have hidden it under
You don't have to prove that my heart belongs to you
By keeping it in chains - for it does
But my heart needs to breathe before all I have
To give dies, not just to you, but to all
A heart of stone may be what you possess
And what you strive for me
But my heart is too full to be stone
And it would be
A tragedy for my heart to change
For it would no longer be my heart.

-26 February, 1992


Your Ocean

Violent depths of ocean green-blue staring inside
My thoughts and dreams making me lose control
Windows to the soul - Yours, carefully veiled and guarded,
Tell me nothing, coolly staring 'til I feel myself slip away
Your eyes, so remote, make me want to cry
Want to laugh, to dance.
When they are blank pools of aqua
They speak to me.
They are so void of all emotions
That they are full of your feelings.
Caribbean eyes challenge me,
Burn within, inflaming my passion
When you stare at me, I know you want me
Because I see nothing but the cool challenge you offer
I accept the challenge
I want to go swimming in the ocean
To become engulfed in its depths
I want to feel its waves riding over me
I love to lose control in your ocean eyes
I've never felt more alive
Than when your cool stare pierces me
And makes me want you
More than I've ever wanted anything.

-Spring, 1992


The photographs remain vivid
As clear as the images in my mind
As sharp as the pain in my soul
The anger has ebbed
And the tide of anguish sweeps in.
The anger was easier -
It allowed no memories of lost happiness
To haunt my tortured mind.
You are gone now, dead to me.
Your empty promises were not what I deserved
I have seen the light and loved unselfishly
I will go on, I will survive, I will conquer.
I pity you your fickle heart
The photographs will fade in time
But the love I have to give another will grow more vibrant
The river will flow, the pain will be forgotten

The course of true love never did run smooth
Nor did it share a bed with two others.

-January, 1993


Time Will Tell

In too deep, over my head
Going under, searching for the shore
These emotions flooding over me -
Can I take much more?
Your presence always felt so near
Your eyes locked so deep in mine
Make me lose all control
Make me forget what happened last time
The love was there, it never left
Is it right to try again?
So much to lose, can anything be gained -
Too little, too late to make amends?
Your sweet nature causes me to smile
The last few months are like a treasure
Buried deep and long forgotten
Found again with wanton pleasure
Confusing emotions swirling around
Fear and desire mixed as one
Hesitancy and passion blended together
And so many questions before we are done.
We learn to take it day by day
Not thinking of the future
Because we have faith and trust in God
If it is meant to be it will endure.

-26 July,1994

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