Dana's Photographs

The Rager

Total mayhem occurred at the first annual Trixie Belden Convention Rager. 
And, boy, can that Mary sing!!! :)

Overheard:  The maid going into the room to clean the next morning. 
"What the #$*& happened in here???!!!??!"

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Claire waving Sue and Eric
Claire waving!  Who knows why the sheets came off the bed so easily, but they did!  Notice the impressive array of beverages on the dresser!
Breakin' the law, breakin' the law!
Sue and Eric sing a mean duet!
Eric singing Jen
I can't possibly explain this!  I think that's Mary's arm though! News Flash!  Explained by Eric: Jen was laying there videotaping and Eric was singing "Breakin' the Law" at the video camera!
Doesn't Jen look so cute in Eric's hat?
Mary and Eric sing! Mary and Eric's duet
Mary belting out the tunes in her "microphone."
Mary and Eric sang a lovely duet together! :)
Mary Mary, Sue, Eric
I've fallen - AND I CAN'T GET UP! I don't even want to know!
Mary, Sue, Eric
Mary, Sue, Eric, Jen Roxanne, Dana, Misty
Can't you just tell what a great party it was!!! Roxanne, Dana, Misty and Mary's hand.

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Photographs copyright GSDana. Images are from the inside cover illustrations of the "Cellophane" edition of Trixie Belden, copyright Random House Books.  Background and graphics created by GSDana.