2001 Trixie Convention Memories

It was a wonderful weekend. As always seems to be the case with Trixie friends, we laughed non-stop. The following list was compiled on the back of the tour bus, and so is a list of memories from not just me, but of many others as well. I can't wait until next year's convention!



"Breakin' the law, breakin' the law!"
-Sue's duet with Eric

"I smell Bacon!!!!!"
-Who knows why we said this over and over again throughout the weekend- but it was fun!

"My life sucks!"
-Sue's battle cry as she came back from Eric's party at 4 am and threw herself on the bed. She refused to answer our questions as to why her life sucked and then she promptly fell asleep. Not surprisingly the next afternoon (ahem!) when she woke up, she couldn't remember why her life sucked.It's a mystery only Trixie herself could solve!

"What the $%&* happened in here?!!??!!?!"
-Mary's room was across the hall from Eric's. As she was leaving her room the morning after the Rager, she happened to overhear the maid's dismayed shout coming from Eric's room.  

"Call now for yer free readin'!"
-Mary can channel Miss Cleo!

Jen the Doormat
-Jen had a bit of a headache but did not want to leave Eric's party (who did?) so she decided to take a nap - underneath the bed! Poor Mary thought she was dead and poked her - and later she proceeded to step on her!

-Mary has quite the ability to impersonate voices. We had a Mr. T look-alike
at the Mystery Dinner Theater and when he said something to Mary she came right back at him - in her own Mr. T voice! The surprised look on his face was classic!

-The battle cry of the killer whale! Some people should just NOT wear white pants. "

Wanna play go fish?"
-Ralph the Eunuch lifting his toga to show us his fish covered boxer shorts. Claire and Anne really liked this!  

"Two little balls can cause a lot of damage."
-I think the tour guide was referring to the canon balls lodged inside the wall at Berkeley Plantation, but who knows for sure?  

Bob the Bus Driver in Williamsburg
-Kate, Kyrie, and I found out what Bobby does for a living when he grows up - he drives the bus through historic Williamsburg - hitting on tourists young
enough to be his grand-daughters!  

"Come quick!!"
-Misty ran into our room one night to show us something on Claire's computer. Well, an hour, two calls to the front desk, one trip to the front desk (with Claire carrying the laptop), one late night call to my mom pleading with her to turn on her computer and get me the dial-in 1-800 number to my school's
internet access, we got to see what Misty wanted to show us. Meanwhile, through all this, Misty is saying, "Guys, it's really not worth all of this!" Oh, but it was, it was! It's at Jix - see if you can go find it! :) Cathy will kill me if I tell! :)  

"I can tell by the smell this one is Trixie's!"
-Ummm, be careful what you order from eBay. You may just get a Cameo copy of Cobbett's Island and there might be a lot of, shall we say, added dialogue to the illustrations. Misty and Mary found this particular line hysterical. Since Misty loved it so much, what else could I do but give her the book?

If you want to win at the "Who-Dunnit" game that Kate brought,
just play against Mary! She will be so pre-occupied with everything else going on that she will play the game several times and still not know the rules!  

The Mystery of the Missing Roommate
-Just ask poor Claire and Lisa about the roommate who deserted them!  

A Night on the Towel
-Poor Mary! Out partying all night and her entire bed taken when she finally stumbles home in the wee hours. "No problem," she says to herself, "Dana, Sue, and Kate have extra space in their room." Well, we had picked up an extra roommate so poor Mary spent the night on the floor with a bed of towels!  

Dana's World - "Where things do not exist!!!"
-Yes folks, entire football teams have been known to disappear in my world where if I don't like it - Poof! It doesn't exist. I have refused to acknowledge the presence of TB Books #38 and #39 because Jim is not in them and everyone knows Jim is in ALL the books! So Poof! They do not exist. Neither do the Carolina Panthers or the Jacksonville Jaguars, by the way. But that's a whole different story! 3 1/2 days - 9 hours of sleep! -I think that says it all!  

Kate pinging a grape off of Eric's forehead
-She has an excuse for that - just ask her!  

Brett and the Blood Vendetta
-If we did not return Brett's wife (Kate) and their unborn child in one piece at the end of the weekend - he swore there would be a blood vendetta. Kate made it home just fine. :)  

Adam on the Staff - by P.G.
-This is one of those things that is only funny if you were there, but here goes. Mark, Jen C, Bonnie and Jennifer had just come from a used bookstore.A lively debate ensued about a book that no one could remember the nameof except it had "Adam on the Staff" and was by a guy named P.G. Was it Peter Gabriel? Peter Gallagher? Peter, Paul, and Mary? I think Mark and Jen eventually figured it out but I was completely lost. It was fun to watch though!  

Misty the BeeSlayer!
-That darn bee just could not be content to sip his cola - no, he threatened our dear friend Jen! So what's a group of Trixie friends to do?Call Misty the BeeSlayer of course!  

The Wading Pool
-I just loved the wading pool! It was fun to hang out in at various times with various people.  

Jim's Supple Chest
-C'mon - isn't this just about everybody's favorite thing? Of course, in the twisted minds of Kyrie and Mary it soon became Jim's supple tits.  

Bowing to, I mean Beating the Goddess!
-When a Goddess (namely Kyrie) gets out of line on the tour bus, you need to get several of your Trixie friends to help you beat her. Claire, Anne, and Mary were happy to oblige!  

Scaring a crowded roomful of diners and waitstaff
-When a group of 24 people laugh a lot, shout a lot, and talk about Trixie really loud in public, you can get a lot of really good, strange looks.  

The Belden Brick!
-Kate works for a masonry office and she asked one of her bosses for a brick by the Belden Company. Perfect since Mystery of the Emeralds is the mystery with the special brick. Just don't remind Kate how hard it was to carve an X into a brick! This brick was presented to Jenn Skidmore since she was unable to attend the convention and graciously let Kate take her place.  

"Those people are nuts!"
-I wasn't there for this one but I had fun hearing about it. Misty, Claire, Mark, Molly, Jen C, Jennifer, and Bonnie were enjoying the historic village of Williamsburg and taking pictures of Chowning's. They started a conversation with a couple of tourists sitting nearby. It turns out the tourists had not only heard of Trixie Belden, but used to read them themselves. So the little group took pictures with them. As the group was walking away they overheard the lady say, "Those people are nuts!"  

"You must be those Trixie people."
-I wasn't there for this one either. Mary, Eric, and Lisa were enjoying the village and not one of them was wearing a Trixie shirt or anything that would brand them as "Trixie people" but some tourists had them pegged none the less. Mary is still wondering how they knew.  

Phi Beta Kappa Memorial Hall
-For those of you who remember Honey telling Trixie "Jim's sure to earn a Phi Beta Kappa key - he'll give you his." - we have Phi Beta Kappa Memorial Hall.  

"We're out of hot fudge sundaes."
-Ummm, since when is a hot fudge sundae a pre-made item? Perhaps you're just too lazy to make one! Poor Kate and Kyrie did not get their sundaes.  

"Shrubs - the colonial hangover cure!"
-That is according to Misty. Or you could just do what Sue did and sleep until 4pm the next day.  

"There is a God!!!"
-Mary, upon seeing the tour bus had a bathroom.  

Eric falling off the bed
-Alas, I thought I had gotten a picture of this phenomenon but it wasn't on the roll after I got it developed. If any of you out there have a picture of this, let me know!  

'Sploring the hotel with Kate
-As soon as we got there Kate and I had to 'splore every nook and cranny of the hotel - including opening up every drawer in all of the antique desks and tables and things they had decorating the place.  

Singing on the Bus
-Anne especially liked being serenaded with the abundant number of camp songs (with a few naughty ones thrown in) that Mary, Kyrie, Kate, and Misty know. It is quite the impressive list!  

Claire the AnneSlayer
-Okay, she didn't exactly slay Anne, but Claire did stick a hat pin in her head!  

A Time with G.O.D.
-Across the hall from the Trixie convention was a Baptist convention. Mark, Anne and others were, err, lucky enough to have prolonged conversations with some of them.  

Blutus trying to decapitate Eric!
-Maybe his girlfriend was the maid who had to clean up Eric's room but this Mr. T wanna-be from the Mystery Dinner Theater threatened Eric with his sword! Now, who would do something like that to Eric?  

Last but not least...

Bonnie the Olympian
-Yes, our very own Bonnie, dressed in a toga, competed in the Mystery Dinner Theater Olympics. She beat the pants off of her competitor, but a little kid wanted to compete, too, and you know what they say about doing scenes with kids and animals!

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This list was compiled with the help of Anne, Claire, Kyrie, Misty, Sue, Mary, and Kate. We all had a blast and we all hope to see you guys next year! I hope you enjoyed this trip down memory lane.

Images are from the inside cover illustrations of the "Cellophane" edition of Trixie Belden, copyright Random House Books. Background and graphics created by GSDana.