Dana's Photographs

Wild and Wonderful West Virginia

Wild and wonderful April beckoned from West Virginia, so a group of us drove through the WV mountains - in the dark in thick, pea soup fog.  We were never so happy to arrive safely at a destination!

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Cathy, Jenn, and Mary

Damon, April, Mary, Kyrie

Cathy, Jenn, and Mary in front of the falls. Damon, April, Mary, and Kyrie

Damon and April

Blackwater Falls
Jim, err, Mart, err, Damon and April Blackwater Falls
Honeymooner's Gun Shop
Mary and I found this shop amusing.

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Photographs copyright GSDana. Images are from the inside cover illustrations of the "Cellophane" edition of Trixie Belden, copyright Random House Books.  Background and graphics created by GSDana.