Dana's Photographs

Mackinaw Slumber Party

I called my mom and asked very nicely if I could have a slumber party for my birthday - at her house!  She agreed and said I could invite three friends (it really was just like being 13 all over again!).  Sue, Susan, and Mary all accepted my invitation and traveled to Mackinaw, right at the tip of northern Michigan.

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Dana, sue, Mary, Susan

Sue, Susan, Mary, Dana

The four of us with Lake Michigan behind us.  Me, Sue, Mary, Susan. Another shot of the troublemakers!


Dana's Birthday Cake Blowing out the candles
The birthday cake Lexi picked out for me.
 It has clowns on it!
Blowing out the candles!
Dana and Susan
Susan and me!
Sue, Susan, Mary on Gand Hotel's porch
Sue, Susan, and Mary on the porch
of the Grand Hotel, Mackinaw Island.
(Thanks to Mary for the pic!)

Mary's Pictures

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Photographs copyright Dana's mom and Mary. Images are from the inside cover illustrations of the "Cellophane" edition of Trixie Belden, copyright Random House Books.  Background and graphics created by GSDana.