Dana's Photographs

The Windy City

Mary and I invited ourselves to stay with Susan and she welcomed us like the gracious Hostess with the Mostest that she is!  Not only did Mary get to see Wrigley Field and the Art Museum, but we dined in a charming Italian restaurant with "the Godfather," had the most incredible dinner at the Weber Grill restaurant, high tea at the Russian Tea Room, we caught a show at the original Second City, and got to shop at the cornerstone Marshall Field's.  Yes, we ate a LOT - and we giggled and gabbed a lot, too!  I learned two new things in Chicago: I forgot how many revolving doors there are in the Mid-West & Chicago has more than its share, and Febreze is what's wrong with America's youth today.

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Susan and Mary in front of mural.

Susan and Dana in front of mural.

Susan and Mary pose in front of a
purty Chagall mural.

Susan and me in front of that
same purty mural.

Susan and Mary have cappucino at the Italian Village.

Bank Naked.

Cappucino at the Italian Village - Susan even arranged for us to sit in a little "house" and have the Godfather as our waiter!

Bank Naked.  Period.
Mary and Susan at the Museum of Art.Dana and Susan at the Museum of Art. Dana and Mary in prom dresses! :)
In front of the Art Museum. Trying on Prom Dresses in the Junior Section at Marshall Field's (the very MF where Mary's mom had her very first job in America!)
Susan and Mary play piano. Susan at her computer.
Mary and Susan rock at the piano! Ever wondered what Susan looks like when she's chatting with you on IM at night?  Now you know! :)
Mary and Susan in front of Chicago sign.
Mary and Susan in front of the
"Chicago" sign!

Mary's Pictures including The Sears Tower Picture

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Photographs copyright GSDana. Images are from the inside cover illustrations of the "Cellophane" edition of Trixie Belden, copyright Random House Books.  Background and graphics created by GSDana.