Dana's Photographs

Arrival and Stuff

A group of us arrived in the Springfield Airport and enjoyed the hustle and bustle of a large international airport - not!  There was one tiny gift shop and one cafe to keep Mary, Claire, and I busy for the 4 hours we needed to wait for others to arrive.  Dani S and Gabi joined us in the cafe and before we knew it, it was time to meet Angelique, Mark, and Jenni J!

We picked Jenn S up along the way, and soon we were at Trixie Camp!  I was in Cabin 5 with Mary, Sue, Susansuth, Kyrie, and Anna.

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At the Airport
At the airport!
L. to r.: Claire, Jenni J, Mary, Angelique, Mark, Dani.S.
Cabin 5 Dana and puppy
Cabin 5
Left side from top to bottom: Kyrie, Mary, Dana
Right side from top to bottom: Susan, Anna, Sue
The dog that, despite having only three legs, will come running out to greet you at your car when you stop at the general store for pickles!
The Fedora Twins Ranger Mark
The Fedora twins!
Me and Mary
It's Ranger Mark!

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Photographs copyright GSDana. Images are from the inside cover illustrations of the "Cellophane" edition of Trixie Belden, copyright Random House Books.  Background and graphics created by GSDana.