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"The Best Show on TV You're Not Watching!"

Well, I was watching this critically acclaimed show by Aaron Sorkin (you know, The West Wing, The American President, A Few Good Men) and I was devastated when it was cancelled.  Okay, maybe not devastated, but pretty close!  But ABC/Disney has released all 45 episodes on DVD, so I am in Sports Night Heaven!!!!

This show was so witty and well-done, it's hard to believe it was cancelled, but apparently America wasn't ready for the "dramedy's" reverent humor and ABC was too afraid to just "let it be what it is."  The ensemble cast was superb and the two female characters were very strong women in a man's world—and doing a great job!  It really is a shame that people didn't appreciate it.

Cast & Characters

Felicity Huffman as Dana Whittaker

Felicity Huffman played Dana Whittaker (don't you just love characters named Dana!), the competent executive producer of the cable sports show.  She was an intriguing woman, but never try her "dating plan"!!  There was a great chemistry between her and Casey.

Peter Krause as Casey McCall

Peter Krause (Krow-za) played Casey McCall, the very sexy co-anchor of Sports Night.  Recently divorced, he finally realizes just what long time friend Dana means to him.  Could he be any cuter?

Josh Charles as Dan Rydell

Josh Charles (of Dead Poets Society fame) played the neurotic but loveable Dan Rydell.  Dan is a great guy but he had some serious inferiority complex issues with his best friend of ten years and co-anchor of five years, Casey.

Sabrina Lloyd as Natalie Hurley

Sabrina Lloyd, whom I adored on Sliders, played Natalie Hurley, Senior Associate Producer and Dana's second in command.  She's just as off-beat and wonderful as Dana.

Josh Malina as Jeremy Goodwin

Jeremy Goodwin, the sports show's Associate Producer played by Josh Malina (who, BTW, has been in literally everything Aaron Sorkin has ever done from Broadway to movies to television), was a sweet nerd. His romance with Natalie made for a warm and funny storyline—even after the romance was over.

Robert Guillaume

Robert Guillaume played Isaac Jaffe, the show's fearless leader.  When Guillaume had a stroke in real-life, it was written into the script and made for a powerful storyline.  I will never forget his triumphant return in the season one finale—great stuff!

The cast all dressed up!

Sports Night Episode Guide

There are many episode guides on the 'Net, including the Episode Guide.

TV Guide Covers

Rookies of the Year TV Guide Cover     The Best Show You're Not Watching TV Guide Cover

This critically acclaimed show won "Rookie of the Year" and "The Best Show You're Not Watching" awards from TV Guide.

There are a lot of Sports Night websites out there, although a lot of them are now defunct.  I have found a few of the better ones and listed them below.  At each of these sites you will find even more links to other websites devoted to Sports Night, but beware that about half of the links are no good.  There are also lots of Sports Night Fan Fiction sites.  The links to those sites can be found at the below sites.  Clicking on a link opens a new browser window.
The webmaster of the "Sports Night on CSC" website below, purchased the domain name in honor of Sports Night being released on DVD.  This is a fabulous resource, as is the below site.

Sports Night on CSC
This active website has continued on the tradition!  There are more than 50 additional "webisodes" that pick up where the series left off.  A great resource for finding out a lot of post-Sports Night information such as when you can find your favorite Sports Night actors on TV.  There is also a Sports Night newsletter.  This is an excellent resource.

I Can't Believe It's Not Sports Night!
Another website that continues the SN tradition.  This website has 22 new episode scripts that tell where the third season might have gone.  Three fans from America, Brazil, and Great Britain wrote the scripts.

Sports Night Scripts
This website has the original scripts for the show (some differ quite a bit from what was aired) as well as transcripts from all of the episodes.

Local Station Sports Night Guide
A local television station serving the Charleston-Huntington, West Virginia area still has its SN profile from when the series aired on ABC.

Sports Night Fun  More Sports Night Fun  Still More Sports Night Fun

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